Clinic for Chinese Medicine



My name is Philipp Ehrsam.

I am a practitioner for traditional chinese medicine (TCM) with an
advanced federal diploma of higher education Naturheilpraktiker
with the focus on acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine.
I have over 20 years of experience and I specialised in
gynaecology and therapy to fulfil the wish for a child.


All appointements will be carried out under the observance of a protection concept.


I'm looking forward to you making contact!

Amongst other things my treatments entail the following topics:

Wish to have children

The possibilitiesof TCM treatments, for a couple with the wish to have children,cover supporting a natural pregnancy toaccompanyingartificial reproductive technics...

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«Specialised TCM care can considerably support
a reproductive medical treatment.»

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Reproductive centre, medicine for men and women, Olten



In TCM-gynaecology traditional TCM-concepts are combined with the latest TCM-strategies. This enables very specific treatment possibilities to improve the chances of success.

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«Therapies in TCM-gynaecology are very successful, if traditional TCM-concepts
are combined with the latest knowledge.»


General illnesses

The following list of illnesses are treated especially efficiently with TCM-treatment…

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TCM covers several different therapy methods. The most well known are acupuncture and herbal medicine. A correct TCM diagnosis is required for the rightful application of every method.

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What is TCM ?

TCM is a holistic medical system, developed over thousands of years, based on observations of nature and the life-functions of the body. In TCM understanding, health-balance depends on the opposing powers of Yin and Yang, being harmonised through therapeutically procedures. 

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TCM provides very differentiated diagnosis methods, to evaluate the condition of Qi, Yin and Yang as well as the inner organs. classically combined in a TCM-diagnosis are the four examination methods.

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«I would be pleased to hear about your issues to establish the possibilities of TCM-Treatments.
Please don’t hesitate to call me.»